The Laramie Project

May 5, 6, 12 & 13 @ 8p

May 6, 7, 13, & 14 @ 2p


In 1998 Matthew Shepard was a gay youth that was a victim of a hate crime. His murder in Laramie, Wyoming put a spotlight middle America and really made people look into themselves to find their true identity. This is the story of a small town thrust into notoriety when a national tragedy hit close to home. The Laramie Project is a play built on hundreds of interviews conducted over the course of three years. The journalism aspect of the plays makes sure that all sides are seen without ever taking a side itself. A powerful play that was powerful in 2000 when it debuted, and is just as powerful today (as we can see from the Pulse incident in Orlando.) Challenge your thought process and see the beauty that is "The Laramie Project."


Nobody Loves You: Film Series

The Nobody Loves You Film Series brings those films that everyone loves to hate to The Space. From cult classics to far from being classics, these are the movies that "should have been", "could have been" and "needed to be" - - but weren't! The Space will dig deep into the celluloid closet to bring out the most fun, powerful or just plain messed-up movies that have ever been.

The Toxic Avenger

April 22 @ 8P



Buzzed Bard: Shakespeare on the Rocks

June 9th + 10th @ 8pm


Join us as the Tampa Bay literary community joins with the Tampa Bay acting community in this exciting new bi-annual series that allows the actors to drink freely through the night before unleashing them on to conduct a staged reading of some of Shakespeare's greatest hits - - - only with actors a bit tipsy! When artist meets alcohol meets audience who knows what can happen - disaster or genius - - - or both!